Our home is considered our safe haven. But is it really?

According to national and local reports, the crime rate—particularly in West Virginia—has been steadily rising over the last decade. This means that the chances of burglars breaking in and stealing your valuables have increased dramatically.

While criminals have gotten more and more clever over the last few years, burglars generally work fast and grab what is easy.  They tend to look in the most obvious places for things that can be turned into quick cash, so if you want to protect your home from such instances you should be aware of common things burglars want to steal.  

In the article below, we identify the top 6 things burglars want to steal and how to protect them:


The most obvious and the first thing that burglars look for around the house is cash. Cash can’t be traced, it’s easy to store, and it’s even easier to spend. Experienced thieves know where people tend to hide their money. For example, many people hide cash under their mattress or keep it in their wallet or purse. Burglars might even steal a safe where you keep your cash if it’s portable and easy enough to carry. This is why it’s best to keep your extra money in the bank, where it’s well-protected. If you must have extra cash close at hand, consider investing in a built-in safe for your home.

2. Jewelry and Watches

Jewelry has been sought after by burglars for years because it can be easily exchanged for cash at pawn shops and other buyback businesses. Watches, family heirlooms, and rings are some items you should be careful about having easy access to, since they have excellent resale value and are small and easy to carry. Hiding jewelry in drawers or on a nightstand is not a great idea because it’s the first place a thief will look, so consider either keeping them in your safe or in a safety deposit box in the bank. 

3. Medicines

Medicines—especially prescription drugs and painkillers—have a significant street value and is definitely something a burglar will take from your medicine cabinet. As the drug epidemic in West Virginia rages and more people abuse painkillers and tranquilizers, the cost of such medications increase, especially for those who buy them illegally. Burglars will look for your medicines in the bathroom or kitchen cabinets, so make sure to keep them safe.

4. Electronic Devices

Though many electronic devices are heavier or more difficult to carry, televisions, stereos, computers, tablets, phones, and other electronics have a high street value. And since they can be found out in the open and are easily accessible, they are more likely to be the thing burglars reach out for the most. Since you cannot keep most electronics in a safe, it’s best to protect your home and possessions with security alarms and cameras.

5. Identity Cards and Personal Information

With the rise of cybercrime and identity theft, our personal data and cards have considerably risen in value over the past few years. Identification and credit cards are relatively easy to steal since they are small and usually in obvious places like wallets and purses. Your personal information and cards can be used to defraud or blackmail you, so it is essential to keep such things safe from burglars.

6. Guns

In West Virginia especially, guns are a hot item to sell illegally because many people will not ask questions when getting a deal on a firearm. It’s not just handguns that are stolen either; shotguns, rifles, and other hunting weapons are prime targets for theft. The best way to store a gun collection is by locking them in a gun safe. A gun safe’s weight and complex locking mechanisms will often deter burglars from attempting to open it. 

The Bottom Line

The reality is that if a burglar enters your home, there is a good chance that you will lose something valuable to you. This is why prevention is the best course of action. 

We encourage homeowners to have a professional security system installed in their home because homes with monitored security systems are three times less likely to be broken into or robbed than homes without such a system.

At Morgantown Security & Fire, we install and monitor security systems that keep the bad guys out. If you want the best protection for your home, contact Morgantown Security & Fire today for a free consultation!