Securing your basement is not usually the first thought that comes to your mind when considering home security. However, basements are often how burglars enter your house, which means they are also one of the first areas you should protect. 

Here are a few tips on protecting your house from basement break ins:

Keep Your Home Secured From The Inside

If there are high windows in your basement, keep furniture away from your windows. Having a table, shelf, or other piece of furniture sitting directly under a basement window can allow easy access into your home.

Ensure That Your Windows Are Visible

Shrubbery and other landscaping can cover your basement windows and prove to be an easy hideout for burglars. Consider this fact when you’re planting near windows, and trim those plants regularly. This in itself will lower the chances of break-ins significantly.

Secure Your Basement Windows With Bars

A great way to ensure security for basement windows is to install bars. They are a great way to deter criminals and act as a physical obstacle if they try to break in. There are many types of bars such as:

  • Permanent: Mostly for long term use
  • Swing-away: Locked from the inside and cannot be unlocked from the outside
  • Removable bars: Can be installed whenever you like

Install Security Film 

If bars are too outdated for you, consider using security films on your windows. Security films are clear adhesive material that is place on a window (like a clear sticker). If a window is broken, the film keeps the pieces of glass from falling away and making a hole. By using security films, the burglar will not be able to access your home because if an object hits the window, the film will hold the glass in place.

Keep the Area Well-Lit

Don’t let intruders take advantage of darkness — keep your basement area well-lit. While regular outdoor lights work fine, you can also have smart lights that can turn or off according to a schedule, or motion-activated lights that turn on when they sense movement in the area. 

Install a Home Security System

A Home security system protects your house from burglars and intruders through many different means. Monitored systems will inform relevant authorities along with the neighborhood of any unwanted home entry. There are many types of home security systems, so it may be difficult to decide what is best for your unique situation. That’s why it’s always a good idea to talk to a professional security system installer about your options.

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