Security Systems


Statistics According to the U.S. Department of Statistics, commercial establishments without electronic security systems are four times more likely to be broken into than those establishments that have installed certified electronic burglar security alarm systems.

Choosing a System When it comes to a commercial security system, you have plenty of choices. Whether you need intrusion protection, CCTV coverage, access control, or an all-inclusive system, we have the expertise to help you design the system you need to address your particular security requirements.

Better Systems for Improved Security We install security systems that detect intrusion, identify which alarm user has accessed the system, identify perpetrators with state-of-the-art camera/DVR technology, report the exact type and location of an emergency, and even can control and supervise access into, out of, and within your business. All of our systems have the ability to be integrated into one system to take care of all your security needs.

Video Surveillance The mere presence of video cameras can help prevent crimes, from business invasions to theft or vandalism. Systems will record the evidence if an incident does occur. Protect your business indoors and out, in the daylight and complete darkness. With an internet connection, you will be able to view your cameras from your phone, iPad, or any computer with internet access. Combined with our state-of-the-art security systems, you will get the ultimate protection for your business and assets.

Business Security Systems Control Systems. We cover the whole range of client needs for protection from systems for small retail shops to highly complex, sophisticated systems for high-rise office complexes. We will help you design the system that takes care of your specific concerns. As your company grows and your needs change, our ever growing selection of security equipment makes it easy for us to work with you to maintain your security!


Intrusion Detection Protect you business from burglary and vandalism. We install, maintain, and monitor a wide range of security products, including perimeter and interior detection devices. These include door and window contact switches, passive infrared motion sensors, glass break sensors, hold-up notifications, and more.

Fire Systems Fire sensors that detect heat, flames and/or smoke are vital to any commercial security system. If a fire is detected, the control panel will signal the central state to notify the local fire department to dispatch to your business, whether or not the premises are occupied at the time.

CCTV There are endless applications for CCTV in businesses: theft, robbery, false claims, inventory shrinkage, employee surveillance, monitoring entry into a building, and much, much more. We are experts in the design and installation of Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV).

Access Control An access control system can be designed to work with your intrusion/fire detection system to further enhance your business’s security. You can control your employees’ access to specific areas of you facility, either permanently or on a time schedule, and maintain a record of which employee entered a specific area, and on what day and time.

24/7 Monitoring MSF security systems include 24-hour monitoring for your business security system. This will give you the most comprehensive form of protection. If your alarm is activated, it will immediately send a signal to alter the monitoring station. You can receive a phone call to determine what needs to be done, or a call will be placed directly to emergency service.