You’ve probably been to a home where there’s an appliance, a light, or a lock on an automated home security system. We all have that one friend who loves their gadgets and has their entire home set up on remotes, apps, and triggers. You probably think it’s either really cool…or really silly. 

However, “Smart” homes are more than just a party trick! 

Home automation has come a long way over the past 5 years. By automating your home–and specifically your security system–you can ensure that your family and your belongings are safe and well-protected. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should automate your home security:

1. Secure Your Locks From Your Phone 

Did you know that nearly 30% of home burglaries occur through the entry of an unlocked door or window?

The easiest way to keep your home safer is simple – lock up! Simple as that sounds, it’s easy to forget, but an automated security system gives you the option of locking up after you’ve realized that you forgot! With the right home automation system, securing the main entry points to your home can be as easy as a few taps on your smartphone.


2. Ensure When Your Home Is Locked

Not only can you lock your home up from your phone, but you can automate when it locks on a regular schedule! Consider the peace of mind knowing your doors lock every night at 9pm whether you remembered to lock them or not. That way, you never have to wake up in the middle of the night and worry if you remembered to lock up or not.


3. Control Your Lights and Appliances While You’re Away 

Away at the beach for the week? On a weekend getaway? You could ask your neighbor to come by the house to make sure everything seems normal, or you could automate your lights, sound systems, and even television to to make it look like someone is home! Keep home invaders away by creating the illusion that someone’s home…just like in Home Alone, but without all the cardboard cutouts.


4. Get Notified When There Is Movement 

Another way to keep an eye on your home while your away is to set up notifications of movement. With a few motion detectors installed in strategic spots around your property, you can be notified any time there’s movement  when there shouldn’t be. 

Speaking of motion sensors: you can automate your lights with motion sensors as well! Nothing scares off an intruder like being caught with a spotlight! Not only is this great for burglar control, but it’s effective in warding off furry bandits as well. Putting a motion detected floodlight outside will keep those pesky paws out of your trash and yard.  


5. Smart Blinds

While we’re automating everything else, why not include the blinds? Smart blinds can be set up on a timer to open and close on a scheduled basis. This can bring convenience to your at-home routine to help you wake up with the sunlight every morning and close the blinds at the sundown every evening. It can also be another effective automation for letting neighbors and potential intruders believe someone is home while you’re away.


6. Save Energy 

Safety and convenience are two of the first things most homeowners think of when considering home automation systems. However, there’s another motive to upgrade your house to a smart system – saving energy! By automating your home systems, you can save on your electric bills and help the planet out, too. Consider these automations that will help you “go green”: 

  • Climate Control – changing your home’s temperature based on your needs can make a huge difference in your energy use. When you’re not home, automate your thermostat to drop the temperature so your HVAC system doesn’t  have to work as hard, which can help you to cut back on your energy bill. If you like it cold at night but warmer during the day (or vice-versa), you can set that adjustment up on a timer!
  • Lights – remember that motion detection? It can help with your energy use as well! By setting your home’s lights to be motion sensitive, they can turn off when there’s no one home, guaranteed. If you leave a room and forget to shut the light off, your smart lights can take care of turning off for you!


So whether you’re tech-savvy and looking to up your “smart” game, or simply looking for a better way to keep your home secure and efficient, making your home smarter with a home automation system is worth considering. 

We understand this technology and its benefits at Morgantown Security & Fire. We make it easier than ever to empower you with intelligent automation of your lights, locks,  thermostats and other Z-wave devices. Our Home Automation services are fully integrated, so we can offer a complete, feature-rich solution based on your needs, giving you an intelligent security solution that thinks for itself.

Call us today to talk about your home security and automation needs, and let us make automating your home security easy and accessible–we look forward to speaking with you!.