When a fire breaks out in a commercial building, people need to be able to quickly and easily find safe exits. However, simply installing “emergency” lighting is not enough. You also need to know the requirements for that type of lighting, and how to evacuate employees and customers from a building. These four requirements for emergency lighting are:

Lighting Type: 

There is more than one type of emergency lighting—fixtures, directional arrows and route lighting are all options, but your local and state building codes will tell you what you need. Consulting with a professional fire protection equipment supplier like Morgantown Security & Fire can help ensure you have the right lighting plan.

Illumination time: 

This basically means how long the lights stay on. In most situations, 90 minutes should be enough illumination time for your employees and customers to find their way out of the building and exit to safety. However, you might need the lighting to stay on longer if your structure is larger or has a complicated layout. Your local fire codes will  indicate the number of required exits, so make sure they are all adequately illuminated with clear maps to exits throughout your facility


Because of how vital it is for these lights to work when needed, emergency lighting needs to be tested regularly. Larger buildings may be tested using automation, while smaller businesses may save money by manually testing their emergency lighting each month


The best emergency lighting system in the world won’t help in an emergency if no-one knows how to follow it. This is why it’s important to familiarize your employees with your facility’s lighting system. Make sure they understand how to respond in case of an emergency so they can not only get themselves out safely, but also help customers or visitors who may be in the building as well. Consider involving them in monthly and annual tests, so they get to know the lighting system and what actions to take in case of an emergency

An emergency lighting consultation from Morgantown Security & Fire can tell you if your emergency lighting complies with local regulatory requirements and helps minimize the risk of property damage and injury. Contact us for an appointment today—we look forward to speaking with you!